Studio Policy

Jung Spooner
16605 S. Cody St
Overland Park, KS 66221 (map)
(In Mills Farm Subdivision near Timber Creek Elementary School)
Phone: 785.550.6569

Teaching Philosophy

My ultimate goal in teaching is to share my passion for music and to see that love and appreciation for the art of piano grow among all my students. I will attempt to guide them to establish a solid foundation through a balanced study of theory, sight reading, music history, and technique so they may express the music beyond just notes and rhythms. Although it is difficult to attain a high level of playing, I hope to express to each of my students that nothing is impossible through self discipline, determination, consistency, and, above all, a love for music.

Studio Class

One lesson out of a selected month will be substituted with an hour of studio class in lieu of an individual lesson. All students are required to attend the class. Studio classes will give each student an opportunity to perform for his/her peers. This is also a wonderful opportunity to for all of my students to work with Dr. Steven Spooner, Piano Professor from the University of Kansas. For more information about Dr. Spooner, please go to There are no make-up lessons for the class.

Piano Tuning

It is very important to have your piano tuned at least once a year. It is difficult to practice if the piano “just doesn’t sound right.” Please let me know if you need a phone number for a piano tuner.

Media Release

Audio/Video recordings and photos of students may be used by the instructor for media and instructional purposes. If you would like to exempt your child from any of the above publications, please sign a media release exempt form.


All students are required to practice six days a week. Quality, not quantity is what makes the difference! Weekly assignments will be emailed following each lesson. Practice time must be recorded daily on the assignment sheet. This will aid me in evaluating your child’s practice efficiency and practice amounts. Please know that your child will need that extra push from time to time to practice. Kids need parental support to succeed considering the discipline required to master such an intellectually and physically demanding skill as playing the piano. It is also essential to have the piano in a room where there are no distractions of any kind. For more ways to maximize your child’s practice, please call me. Students who do not complete assignments or practice regularly will be asked to seek another teacher.

  • Beginners: required to practice 30-45 minutes a day. Parents of beginners are asked to sit in their child’s lessons and aid them in their practice until they become independent.
  • Intermediate: 1 hour a day
  • Advanced: 2-3 hours a day


Tuition fees include the careful lesson plans for the weekly individualized lessons, studio classes, preparation and facilitation to participate in festivals/competitions, recitals, any additional lessons or classes, assistance acquiring music/recordings, maintaining excellent instruments and continuing to add to a comprehensive score, CD, and DVD library, and several other ways to help my students in their piano studies.

Monthly tuition (flat fee) is due the first week of each month. Please send the payment by mail (16605 S. Cody St, Overland Park, KS 66221) or with your child at his/her lesson.


Parents are always encouraged to attend their child’s lessons. Siblings can disturb piano students and it is best if they not attend lessons. They will have plenty of other opportunities to see their brother/sister perform in a recital setting.

Absence Policy

Progress results only from regular attendance and preparation. The lesson time assigned to each student becomes his/her personal and financial responsibility. There will be no classes during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Spring Break and Memorial Day.

  • Lessons canceled by the instructor will be made up.
  • There are NO make-up lessons.
  • Please call me as soon as possible if your child is sick.
  • I will offer one make-up lesson at the end of the year due to illness or family emergency.

Summer Lessons

Lessons will continue during the summer months of June through August. Students who choose to take a break during these months will be placed on the waiting list. Summer tuition will be pro-rated based on the number of lessons per month to accommodate family vacations, etc. Lessons will not take place when I am away or have professional responsibilities.

Termination of Lessons

If a student decides to discontinue lessons, a one month notice must be given or one month of tuition is due. All books/recordings must be returned at the last lesson.


Please park anywhere on the street–do not park in the driveway.