As a teacher, I was encouraged by Jung’s ability to boost confidence in me as well as in my students. She had an honoring, friendly manner as she communicated her joy and passion for beautiful, skillfully played music. My students experienced immediate successes as they tried her specific suggestions. They came away with improved abilities and a new eagerness to polish their pieces.

Sheri Skidmore, Adjudication Coordinator
Eastside Chapter/ Seattle, WA

Jung is an inspirational and understanding teacher. She consistently challenges me to develop my musicality and technique and encourages me in my personal and career goals. Our lessons are often filled with smiles and laughter, but I always leave with a sense that I made music, and that is a very profound feeling.

Tara Swanson
U of I Music Major

Jung Spooner’s deep commitment to excellence combined with a good measure of patience are two of the qualities that make her teaching and performances a measure beyond other music instructors. I appreciate Jung’s ability to patiently instill a respect and desire for excellence in my son during his lessons.

Jeni Leidenfrost

My wife and I believed that our oldest girl, aged 6 at the time, had a talent for the piano, and we wanted to develop this talent with the right piano teacher. I contacted Jung Spooner as a potential instructor and sat in on my daughter’s first lesson. I use no hyperbole when I say that I was extremely impressed with this first session. This first impression only grew stronger as I saw my daughter improve quickly and develop skills that she did not previously have.

Jung knows the piano. Furthermore, she knows how to teach. It is this combination of gifts that makes Jung a superb teacher. I noticed that she is intelligent, organized, personable, thorough, and teaches with distinct goals in mind. Indeed, she is professional without being patronizing and methodical without being dreary. She has a love for the piano that is infectious. My daughter learned a great deal from Jung, and she likes her very much. It is a pity we had to move.

Jung is a gem of a piano teacher, and I unequivocally recommend her.

David A. Harris

Jung is definitely not your typical music teacher. She teaches you not only to play the piece of music but to learn everything about it, like the composer, the piece’s time period, or what makes the piece unique. Anybody can teach a student how to play the piano, but Jung teaches you to understand the piano and everything about it. To her, understanding and appreciating music was the most important thing to learn. I learned more from her than I ever did with the plethora of teachers I previously took lessons from. To these other teachers it was business as usual, but to Jung, you could tell she was really into it.

Though my lessons with Jung have long since ended, I still remember the many things she taught me. Thanks to her I have never been more passionate about music.

Barton Liang

Jung Spooner brings old school talent and discipline to her teaching. Highly trained as a pianist, singer, and conductor, Jung draws upon an unusually rich musical palette to inspire and train her students. As a result, her students perform consistently at high levels, achieving astute musicianship and sensitivity, building musical architectures and landscapes of imagination and understanding, and communicating with sincerity and freedom. Moreover, Jung is rare in her ability to teach a student at any level, provide structure for their learning, and succeed in instilling a positive foundation of self assurance and awareness. It is no wonder that her students and colleagues adore her!

Dr. Chris Thompson, D.M.A.
Associate Professor, Voice Area Coordinator
Missouri State University

Jung Spooner is everything we could have hoped for in a piano teacher and more! She is an amazing musician and teacher who cares deeply for her students – not just as pianists but as young people too. She really gets to know who her students are, and she takes an individualized approach to their musical development.

As parents, we appreciate the fact that she is demanding and has very high standards. Yet, she is compassionate and gentle, and her students really respond to her. We are convinced that one of the reasons our son practices so much is that he truly wants to please Jung!

Under Jung’s tutelage, our son has absolutely thrived as a pianist and as a person. His playing has improved by leaps and bounds in the three years that he has studied with her. In addition, however, he has also gained a great deal of confidence, and he has learned to a number of important life skills. We recommend Jung Spooner to anyone looking for a great teacher and mentor for their children!

Dr. Scott Weiss
Director of Bands
University of South Carolina